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Back in the 70's you used to have to put new bars on your beach cruiser and sail it off jumps in the backyard.  Sure that old Schwinn could handle it, but your arm couldn't.  So your mom took you to the hospital, got you a cast and took your bike away.  Then came the 80's and BMX ruled.  Race it, jump it, ride around un-supervised all summer.  Recently BMX has not faired as well.  As Mountain Bikes have begun to dominate the scene. There's still a place for BMX, like the new dirt jumps out at rocky top or if you like to spend your weekends driving your kid to tracks around the Northwest.  Bearded Monkey thinks if you're over 14 you should get a dirt jumper.  If you're under 14 we better see you at the jumps hucking it.

Specialized P.20 Grom
Specialized's P.20 Grom is ready for young riders taking their riding to the next level. Made from hi-tensile steel, the P.20 takes the abuse of park riding, dirt jumping and street antics like few others. Burly 36-spoke wheels with a hollow rear axle handle practically all the riding you can dish out, while fat, high-volume tires make landings a little softer. The three piece crank is stiff for quick acceleration, and a rear U-brake keeps things under control. When you're trying to nail down that latest trick, this is your secret weapon.
Specialized P.20
Hit the streets, trails, and park on Specialized's P.20. The steel frame and fork are tough as nails, and have been dialed for progession. Tubular three-piece cranks with a MID bottom bracket, and a 25/9 micro-drive keep the bike fast and responsive. Burly 36-spoke wheels with high volume Specialized tires take the sting out of hard landings and provide the kind of durability you need when going big. The P.20 is rounded out with a selection of Specialized components and a pair of grippy, grindable plastic platform pedals.
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