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Bicycle Service & Repair

Bicycle Service

You Break it, We fix it - Fast!

In 2018 our average turn around time was 36 hours, with most jobs back to you in under 24 hours. Quick adjustments and flat repair are often done on the spot.  Our shop rate is $80 per hour.  This includes unlimited amounts of magic dust made from ground up unicorn horns our mechanics sprinkle on your bike to make it work again.

Regular tune up - $80.  The casual rider loves this package, consider it an annual oil change for your bike.  Also great as a run through before your next big event. We take your bike out for dinner and a movie.

Adjustment of all shifting systems

Adjustment of all braking systems

Adjustment of spoke tension and minor wheel truing

Check all fittings on bike and torque to spec, safety check hubs, headset and bottom bracket

Chain lubed

Air tires to recommended or requested pressure

Bike massage - frame and components wiped down.  

*additional a la carte labor charges may apply for additional needed services.

Advanced tune up - $120 - This isn't your casual "getting to know you" chit chat.  Your bike's coming home late after we get a little dirty with it.

Adjust shifting systems.  Check and straighten rear derailleur hanger, inspect and replace shift cables and housing if needed. *

Inspect and adjust braking syatems.  Replace housing, cables and pads if needed.  Bleed hydraulics if needed. *

Full wheel true and hub adjustment.

Headset and bottom bracket adjusted. *

chain inspected and lubed

All fittings inspected, adjusted and torqued to spec.

Tires aired appropriately

A clean bike is always faster.  

*price includes all labor, additional cost may apply for needed parts

Winter Tune Up Overhaul Special - We're taking your bike to the Caribbean for the weekend.  By the time we're done we'll know all your bikes deepest secrets.  We'll have touched it everywhere.  It's coming back to you floating on a cloud of sunshine singing Bob Marley Songs.....

Full Suspension Mountain bike - $500 - RoadBike $350.  Available November through February. Enthusiasts rejoice, this is the package you've always wanted.

This special service strips your bike down to the frame and rebuilds it.  We're going through EVERYTHING! Cleaned greased and rebuilt.   Here's what we'll do:

Shifting: Cables and housing replaced, shifters flushed and derailleurs adjusted

Brakes: Hydraulic brake bleed. pistons lubricated.  Cables and housing replaced.  Pads replaced if needed. *

Suspension: Front, rear and dropper post serviced.  New wiper and seals, new fluid.

Hubs: disassembled, cleaned greased, re-assembled and adjusted.

Wheels - Trued, dished and tensioned.

Bottom bracket: adjusted, replaced if needed *

Pivot bearings: inspected, replaced if needed. *

Drivetrain cleaned

The best part?  This package covers all labor for the rest of the year.  Get it serviced completely and right, we'll take care of it for the next twelve months - on us.

*Cables, housing, fluids and suspension seals included in package price.  Additional charges apply for all other


A la Carte service-

Call or stop by for estimates, we do it all - fast and right.